Midwifery Model of Care

Birthstream Midwifery Service believes that pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding are natural, normal physiological functions of a woman's body. Of equal importance, we believe they are also natural and normal functions of a woman's mind, emotions, and spirit. We recognize pregnancy and birth as a defining part of a woman's life. Integrating birth into the whole of family life empowers the woman and strengthens family bonds.


We believe that the benefits of home-based midwifery care create the safest environment for birth. Our goal is to assist new families to begin in joyous celebration strong and confident. While labor holds no guarantees, we work with you to attain a birth that you can perceive as the ultimate expression of your love for your new baby and your entire family.

There were no expectations or judgements from the midwives, only love and support for every decision we made. [My wife] was treated like a queen (more like a goddess) and a daughter! What a wonderful team they make. Understanding each other and how to work together for the same outcome - it was all about [my wife]! (And me too just a little!)
— Father of 3, last two born at home with Birthstream