Meet the Midwives at Ebb and Flow Yoga in Vacaville!


Join us for a free information session on home and hospital birth! Knowledge is power.  We will be discussing holistic techniques for a natural birth experience.  Learn about delayed cord clamping, oral vitamin k, what you can do with your placenta after birth and more!  Birthstream offers pre-natal care, home birth and postnatal care.  Whether your little one is born at home, or in the hospital, choose what YOU want for your birth experience.

RACHEL FOX-TIERNEY, LM, CPM is a California Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife since 2005. Rachel started her apprenticeship with Birthstream midwives in 2000.  Rachel’s two sons were both born at home.  The first in 1997 in Connecticut and the second in 2001 in California with Birthstream.Rachel’s personal and professional experience have offered her opportunities to honor the journey each woman and their family take to bring this little person into their family and into the world. Each of us gives birth in our own way because of what we need and who our babies are. It is our responsibility as midwives to support birthing women physically and emotionally, not to manage her experience. Babies are active participants in the labor dance and often their birth reflects their personality more than the birthing mama’s.

This is a FREE informative session.