Rachel Fox-Tierney is a California Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife since 2005. She graduated from the National Midwifery Institute (NMI), a three-year MEAC accredited and California Medical Board Approved midwifery program. In addition to NMI, she attended a 10-month Birth Assistant training in Rhode Island in 1994-95 and a six-day intensive workshop at the Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine in 1998. Rachel started her apprenticeship with Birthstream midwives, Tosi Marceline and Claudia Breglia, in 2000.

Rachel's older son was born at home in Connecticut in 1997. Her midwives supported her through his long labor and helped her give birth to her 9-pound 14-ounce, 23 1/4" long baby at home 10-13 days past his due date (depending on which estimated due date you use). A little more than 3 years later while still a student midwife, her younger son was born in California with Birthstream. She labored and gave birth in a birth tub in her tiny apartment (which just proves we can get tubs into nearly everyone's home!)

Rachel's personal and professional experience have offered her opportunities to honor the journey each family takes to bring this little person into their home and into the world. Each of us gives birth in our own way because of what we need and who our babies are. It is our responsibility as midwives to support birthing women physically and emotionally, not to manage her experience. Babies are active participants in the labor dance and often their birth reflects their own blooming personality.

Pregnancy and birth are beginning moments of parenting when parents realize that they are not in control of this new person. As parents, we are merely their guides and guardians (and usually their students) here on earth. Parenting is a journey full of adventure. It is Rachel’s hope that when she assists families in their own sacred journey that they discover their own source of strength during the process. She is always honored to attend a baby's birth and grateful for the opportunity to assist as a new little person enters into this world. It is truly a blessed event.

Rachel lives in Davis with her sons and her very supportive husband of over 23 years who often washes her birth laundry after long births.

California Midwifery License #188