Introducing Our Student, Felicia McMullen

Felicia’s path to this work began because she saw the need for more people to be educated about the true nature of birth, and healthcare and more whole paths towards wellness. Felicia believes that she was born to be a helper, and through her own journey, soon discovered the calling to specialize in giving back to families through birth work.

Pregnancy and childbirth became a cornerstone, after giving birth to her own daughter. Felicia soon became eager to seek out alternative options for childbearing women, aside from the medical model of care. Before she committed herself to birth work, she was surrounded by young mothers such as herself, who formed a sisterhood in a way. They shared information about things like better childbearing practices, whole foods, better parenting, and alternative ways of schooling their children. A particular sisterhood friend, Ronnesha, who was the mother of three and a home birth mother of two, as well as an advocate for home birth, inspired her. The two would brainstorm and share ideas about how they could help educate their community about self-determination and informed decision-making surrounding these family matters.

The International Center for Childbearing trained Felicia as a Full Circle Doula. While practicing as a doula, Felicia saw the difference in care that women and families received in different settings. Attending a home birth as a doula changed her outlook completely.  She saw the care of a midwife in an environment that respected the space of the birthing mother and her family. That experience showed her that the option of home birth with a skilled midwife was an important choice that supported physiological birth in such a comprehensive way.

‘It is important that families everywhere always have the option to choose to birth at home with a skilled midwife. I am honored to be able to learn alongside the midwives of Birthstream.  Birth is something so beautiful, so unpredictable, and so humbling, it is truly a gift from the divine. Thank You!’