It is truly an honor to assist women and their families in this momentous event.  We practice out of a calling to serve birthing families, as witnesses, guides and guests of normal, physiologic birth and transformation of a family in the process.  The closeness of the relationship between family and midwife established during pregnancy enable women to birth with a sense of familiarity and comfort with her care providers.  The midwifery relationship is more personal than typical medical care providers and goes beyond a simple business relationship.


When seen in this context, the subject of money becomes awkward.  Yet we cannot survive or continue to offer our care if we are not financially supported by the families we serve.  Our primary goal is to offer comprehensive, quality midwifery care to families in our community.  This means we offer hour-long visits in the comfort and convenience of your own home, a team of skilled and compassionate midwives during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, 8-12 prenatal visits, a minimum of six postpartum visits for you and your baby, access to your midwives 24/7 during your entire pregnancy and postpartum plus placenta encapsulation and birth tub, which translates to an average of 50+ hours of midwifery care… for a fraction of the cost of a hospital birth.

“We would recommend Birthstream because of home visits, prenatal care focused on a mom’s well-being and not loads of tests, loving personal care 24/7, wonderful baby care, continued availability after 6 weeks if needed, lifelong midwives!! Focus on being normal part of life, not illness. LOTS of emotional support.”
— Birthstream Client

Although some families have insurance plans that cover some or all of our fees, such as PPO’s, HSA’s/FSA’s or HealthShare plans such as Christian Healthcare Ministries.  Many plans such as Medi-cal and HMO’s like Kaiser do not reimburse us and families pay us “out of pocket”.  Our fee does not include lab work or ultrasounds; these can be billed to your PPO insurance or to our lab account.

Our “secondary” primary goal is to make that care affordable to families in all socioeconomic groups.   We offer flexible payment plans that can extend beyond the six week postpartum visit and payments can be made by check, credit card, PayPal or good old fashioned cash!  If you would like more information about our payment options, please contact us!

Midwifery Services